Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stamping with my friends and family today!!!

Hello Friends! I tried posting Saturday after my workshop, but my blogger wasn't working....sorry. A day late, I am !

I am just KICKING myself for not taking pictures of every ones projects. We created Envelope Baskets. They turned out GREAT!!! OH I WISH I TOOK PHOTOS OF EVERYONE WORK!!! I do have photos of my kids work....I am going to have to post them. I know they would be proud to have their art on the web! I created a Never Ending Card. Those are great. The first time I made this card, I used a set that "had" to be colored in. This time I used Priceless set by Stampin' Up! This way I could get a lot of color easily. I wheeled the front of the card with Dilly Dally Friends Jumbo wheel. Then colored in bits and pieces with SU! Markers. For all of the other views I used Priceless. It is all about the folding. What a simple card. So much fun to look through! Kids look through it over and over again! I first saw this card on She first say it on the DIY network. Thanks for the fun idea Dawn!!

Instructions: I will try to give instructions!! If you can't figure them out, Dawn has a video on her blog!! She is GREAT with those video's!!

1st: You need (4) 3 X 6 pieces of card stock

2nd: Score each piece: 1 1/2 inches the long way (when you are looking at the piece, it is 3" wide and 6" long) and then 1 1/2 inches on both ends the short way (when you look at the pieces, they are 6" wide and 3" long).

3rd Lay out two pieces side by side, each piece 3"across, 6" length.
Together, they will be 6X6.

4th Lay the last two pieces on top of the two pieces you have already made side by side. THIS TIME lay them in the opposite direction. Instead of them being 3" across, make them 6" across, 3" length

5th glue at each corner of the card. The scoring you have already done, has created a square for the glue. Use something strong and fast drying. NOT A GLUE STICK!!

Finally, start folding it and then decorate!!! I really hope this helps! You can check out Dawns Never Ending Card instructions. She has created a video!! That makes it easy!! Have fun with this! I know we have!!

I have taken a photo of the card on the last "page", just starting to open up to show that you are at the beginning again. Thought that might help to explain how the card is never ending!

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