Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tutorial on Plastic Bag Double Slider

Here is the tutorial I promised. Dawn has created one on video if you can't understand mine. I am still a new blogger. I haven't gotten into video yet!! I took photo's of every stage. In this tutorial, I am going to let you into my head....my thought process of this card. Are you scared??

Here is a photo of supplies.

  • Your card front layout, approx size for my card is 3 1/2 by 5 1/2

  • card base, for my card I used 5 1/2 by 11"

  • Sticky strip tape, this is recommended because it is so strong

  • strip from grocery bag, about 1" wide, about 12" long

I started with my color scheme. This card is for my sister, her favorite color is green. So I started with Always Artichoke. From there I used my color coach. GOTTA HAVE ONE!! I got the idea to use Brilliant Blue and Bravo Burgundy with the green. CRAZY!! Bright blue??? I know! But, I like it. I really do. Next, the stamp set. I really wanted to use True Friend. I have seen so many cards with that set that I really like. I wanted to try and make one I could be proud of. Then I just started choosing stamps and working the colors in. Fist stamp I used is the "Thank U" stamp. I really wanted to make it POP, so I wanted to emboss it. I couldn't find my VersaMark pad, so I tried something new...I used my pen directly on the rubber stamp. I wasn't sure if it would work... I went over the stamp with the pen, then with the Brilliant Blue on "thank" and the inside of the "U". I then used the Always Artichoke and tapped the "AA" pen on the rest of the stamp. It kind of looks COOL. I then stamped it on white, and used clear powder to emboss the image. I then trimmed the image, added a piece of Brilliant Blue close cut, and then Always Artichoke, with a larger border so I could paper pierce. You have to kind of plan for these things. I really like close borders, but for paper piercing, the border should be larger. The next image I played with is the large flower with stem. I used my markers and colored the image in. No embossing. I just wanted the one image to "pop". I bordered it tightly with Always Artichoke, and then with a larger border using Bravo Burgundy. I used the white gel pen and doodled a bit on the Burgundy. Then I stamped the small flower's with the circle border. I inked them with markers too. Then punched them out with the 1 1/4 punch, the blue is with the 1 3/8 punch.

ok, next, I set my pieces out and figured out how I wanted them to be on my card front.

Next, I placed them on the Always Artichoke Paper, cut 12 X 5 1/2 and then Scored my card.

Score at 1", 4 1/2, 8" and then at 11" the last inch will be cut off so the total dimension of card is 5 1/2 X 11

Ok, this photo is confusing. There isn't much shadowing on the photo, so it LOOKS like there are only three sections, in reality, there are FOUR sections. The fourth is folded over the third. SO SORRY. I didn't notice until now. The piece of plastic bag is wrapped around the FOURTH section. It goes like this

  • first section (I scalloped it) is the flap that folds over the BACK of the card to keep the card shut

  • the second section is the FRONT of the card

  • the third section is the BACK of the card

  • the fourth section is the piece that goes in the MIDDLE of the card (wrap the plastic bag here, use sticky tape to keep it wrapped together, make sure it slides around the card good )

You will need two pieces for the inside of your card. The total size on these is about 3 X 5 1/2. You want the inside pieces to be a little less wide than your card so they can slide easy. On one inside piece, you stamp your image at the top. This piece will slide up the top. The other piece, stamp image at bottom. It will slide out bottom.

This is a better shot. You can see the construction here.

Here I am attempting to show you how you put the inside pieces in. These are not taped yet. I just want you to see what the inside of the card will look like while it is opened up.

Ok, the sticky tape against the scalloped side is the BACK FLAP. The next section is actually the inside of the FRONT. Next you can see a bit of the pull-out section that pulls out to the bottom. You will tape the inside piece that pops UP to the plastic bag, on the BOTTOM. The piece that pops DOWN will be stuck to the plastic bag on the TOP.

Here is a photo showing you the sticky strip on the TOP of the baggy strip.

I ended up stamping the large flower in Always Artichoke all over my card front and back. Then added a bit of white with the gel pen. The little circle flowers were not needed after that.

I added some ribbon at top of card to encourage you to pull up. When you pull the ribbon up, the inside of the card pop's up, and down pop's down, at the same time! Really need a video to show how cool this card is. Check out Dawns blog if you want to see it in action!! Her address is in my favorite blogs...
Happy Stampin' All!!