Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My new Stampin' Room!!

Hello Stampin' Friends!  I thought you might like to see my new 'office'.  My stampin' room!  I think it could be about twice the size... but I also thought I needed a mudroom, bedrooms, kitchen.... g-whiz.  So many rooms to go into a home!  I couldn't quite get it all in the photos.  The ceilings are high, so I try to take advantage of that.  I might even add another shelf.  I use cabinets for storing my rubber stamps...Stampin' Up! of course!!  They are all along the top.  The base cabinets are housing some other supplies like my Stampin' Around Wheels, and other containers with accessories.  There isn't much actual 'work' space, so I can't have a ton out on the one counter that is in there.  Although I suppose you may laugh at that since the counter is full....ooops.  Can't help it I guess.  Everything has a home in this room.  Lo-ove it!!
oh, under the wall cabinets, I have some of the cards from other people displayed.  This really is not only a room to create, but a room that is full of photo's of my family, and artwork from my children and friends!
The cool display shelf was created by my father.  I use to have all my stamps on it.  Yes, way back about 12 years ago, they all fit on that 3' X 3' shelf!  I prefer to keep my SU! sets together in the containers now so I can find them easier.  So I have a few non - Stampin' Up! stamps up there and some more artwork from my kiddo's displayed on it.
Happy Stampin'

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Anonymous said...

LOVE your room Andi! I'm jealous! It's so nice that you have your own place to "escape." Congratulations on your beautiful new home!